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Mindset is something that we hear a lot about these days. Do you have a fixed mindset? Or a growth mindset? Most of us have a little of both. A fixed mindset is when we view abilities as something we are born with or not. A growth mindset is the ability to see skills that can be learned and developed. Choosing your words for praising your children, students, athletes or loved ones will go a long way. Telling someone that they are ‘good’ at a particular skill is fine, don’t get me wrong. But when you add a few details of how they came to be ‘good at it’, like “you put a lot of practice time in to your stick handling” or “the extra conditioning you did paid off” or “I noticed all the homework you did” reaffirms that with time, effort and care, one can become better at a skill, a trade, sports, studies, and dare I say communication, affection, conflict resolution, overcoming tragic or traumatic experiences…..the sky is not the limit, your mind is. Would you like to grow your mindset?  Then come and work with me.  Positive Psychology is a practice.  To practice is to perform or work at repeatedly so as to become proficient.  To practice the act.  To train by repeating.  It's possible, and the results are life changing.  Commit to the Practice of Positive Psychology,   and you will experience a deep sense of peace of mind, and self-confidence to move forward and conquer your life goals.

15 Minute phone consult                                                                                                                                           Free

1 Hour Discovery Session, in person or Facetime.                                                                                  $165 + HST

Recommended Packages.  

4 Weeks, 1 hour session per week, with several take home challenges to practice          $660 + HST 

6 Weeks, 1 hour session per week, with several take home challenges to practice          $990 + HST

We are all battling our own demons.  During our discovery call, we create a program fit just for you.   Your needs might look different than someone else's.  Which means the plan of action and practice plan will be tailored to your own needs.    705-698-5014

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