Why choose one, when you can have both?

Grief Counselling vs Coaching.   Although “grief counselling” and “grief coaching” sound interchangeable, they have different focuses and practices. Grief counsellors concentrate on the past. They’re likely to ask clients “How did you feel during that particular loss?”  However, grief coaches concentrate on the future. They’re more likely to ask clients “How do you want to feel?”  (let’s be honest, we all need to take the time to FEEL deep loss, it simply can’t be rushed) Grief counsellors shift clients’ feelings to help them cope with loss. That approach benefits clients with unresolved emotions. Grief coaches, on the other hand, shift clients’ actions to help them grow through loss. That approach benefits clients that not only want to get by, but want to thrive. For idealists who experienced loss, but still want to transform their aspirations into reality, grief coaching is the preferred option.  There is definitely a need for both, knowing that grief can take so many forms: the loss of a loved one, anticipatory loss, complicated love (imagine tragically losing someone you were not supposed to love) the loss of a marriage, the loss of a career, the loss of a family home.  Grief counselling and coaching is not a magic pill.  

Getting help, helps.   I'd like to work with you. 

Anticipatory Grief 

It's real, and it hurts.   Anticipatory grief exhausts emotions, physical and mental wellbeing.  Getting a diagnosis, or waiting for one, taking care of a parent who is terminal, or caring for a sick friend.  Knowing that your marriage is falling apart and waiting for the inevitable. 

Or knowing that your job is on the line.  Maybe you are about to  lose your business or your home.  Maybe you learned that pregnancy is not in the cards for you, you've tried everything.   You are mourning the beautiful pregnancy you always pictured, and the kids you imagined.   (I know this one all too well ~ you feel betrayed by your own body) These are all examples of anticipatory grief.  The feelings are an intense mix of sorrow, anger and fear and yes, shame.  You don’t know what the outcome will be, and not knowing makes it so much worse.  Grief counselling and coaching is not a magic pill that makes it all go away, but trust me when I say, having a plan helps.  

                  Contact me, I will listen to you, I will really listen.  And together we will make an in-depth plan                 to soften the enormous burden that you are carrying.   The plan is put in place to create forward thinking, and to get results.  

This is a memory pillow made from my Dad's shirt.  I have one made for each of my family members.  It's a special keepsake that we all treasure.   A pillow made from one of my Dad's shirts.  I had  made for each of my family members for Christmas.  A wonderful keepsake that we all treasure.  Dad passed away May 19th, 2021. 


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